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Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold This Winter With Mitchells Heating Services

Even though most of us do not want to admit it, the chill in the air on a morning and evening is an indication that Winter is just around the corner, although hopefully the Autumn will let us adjust slowly, which is why it is now time to make sure your heating services are in full working order.

Mitchells, based in Gloucester, offer a range of services throughout the county and surrounding areas, including Swindon, Hereford, South Wales and the West Midlands, with heating services one of the main components that the firm are proud to offer. read more >

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Mitchells – The Only Company You Need For Electrical Services In Gloucestershire

If you are looking for a trusted, qualified and reliable electrical services company in Gloucestershire, then Mitchells are the only firm that you need to place your trust in.

Mitchell’s are one of the South West’s most recognised and respected companies offering a wide and varied range of services, including the very best in Electrical Services, including servicing and maintenance and also installation.

Mitchell’s have run a successful electrical team for over 100 years now due to the adaptability of the division and the strength of the individuals employed over the years, proving that if you have the best team of people, then you can continue to deliver quality services for customers and clients. read more >

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Mitchell’s of Gloucester Your Number One Choice For Air Conditioning, Refrigeration And Heating Services

Mitchell’s (Gloucester) Limited is a long established company with a diverse range of services covering the South West, South Wales and The Midlands.

Mitchells are probably most well known as a market leader in air conditioning and refrigeration installation, service and maintenance, yet they started business as electrical contractors in 1905 so have had plenty of time to become the premier installers in the South West.

They also offer facilities management, project management and data and communications services but most recently started a heating services division. read more >

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Taking A Look At EC Fans

EC fans are generally recognised as being the latest thing in energy efficient air movement technology, but what is an EC fan and what makes it so special? EC stands for Electronically Commutated which basically means it’s a fan with a brushless DC motor.

Basic DC motors rely on carbon brushes and a commutation ring to switch the current direction, and therefore the magnetic field polarity, in a rotating armature.  The interaction between this internal rotor and fixed permanent magnets induces its rotation.  In an EC motor, the mechanical commutation has been replaced by electronic circuitry which supplies the right amount of armature current in the right direction at precisely the right time for accurate motor control. read more >

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Your Air Conditioning Needs In Swindon Are Covered By Mitchell’s

Gloucestershire based Mitchell’s are your number one choice when it comes to Air Conditioning in Swindon and other areas of Wiltshire.

Mitchell’s is one of the most universally recognised brands in the area due to strength that they have demonstrated over the years to update and adapt the services that they can offer.

Not only do they specialise in Air Conditioning, but the Company is also experienced and established in the areas of:

  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration
  • IT, Data & Communications
  • Facilities And Project Management

Mitchell’s have been a leading force in the design and installation of environmental control equipment, be it for a small office or a large computer suite with all relevant technology and experience available. read more >

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Network Nonsense

Why do all IT professionals lavish much care, attention and expense on their servers and storage devices as possible, but sometimes forget about the network equipment that controls the traffic? Networks are notorious for being security risks, but quite often the hardware stability can get overlooked when it comes to the quality of the equipment being used.

Also there seems to be a reluctance to patch systems in a tidy way, “spaghetti” seems to be the accepted practice as long as it works. Different coloured leads plugged into any port as long as the staff can gain the correct connectivity seems acceptable. read more >

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Fresh New Look for Company Vans

With the launch of their new fresh website earlier in the year, Mitchell’s have carried the website design theme into other areas of the company.

New signage at their premises in Bristol Road now follows the same theme as the website and in the last 2 weeks the new look van livery has been launched.

Incorporating the 2 blue colours into a curved design with all the brightly coloured buttons from the website has transformed the look of the vans.

Managing Director Garrion Leeds said “it’s a real departure from the traditional stock but is in keeping with the website and the fresher face the company wants to portray.  We have been trading since 1905 and although well known throughout the area we do not want to be thought of as old fashioned.” read more >

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Electrical Installation Condition Report

The first amendment to BS7671:2008 (IET Wiring Regulations) will come into effect on 1st January 2012.  One of the most significant changes sees the introduction of the new “Electrical Installation Condition Report” (EICR) which will replace the current Periodic Inspection Report.

What does this mean in practice?

Every electrical installation deteriorates both with use and over time, so it is important that every installation is periodically inspected and tested by a competent person to ensure that the safety of persons using the installation is not put at risk.  The results of the test and inspection are clearly detailed in a report together with a list of “observations” which are items noted during the test that identify any damage, defects, deterioration or dangerous conditions within the installation. read more >

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Trevor Clark Retires From Mitchells Gloucester

After 26 years of dedicated service Trevor Clark has retired from his position as the Service Manager of Mitchell’s in Gloucester.

Trevor left the company on the 27th October and all of his colleagues wish him a long a happy retirement. Trevor has planned his retirement for some time and is going to occupy his time with his hobbies and hopefully, some long and relaxing holidays.

Steve Coleman is the new Service Manager who is ably assisted by the Assistant Service Manager, Chris Dunn, and the Service Controller, Cathy Dey.  This should ensure that our clients enjoy the same level of service that they enjoyed under Trevor’s tenure. read more >

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Energy Efficient Lighting

With the ever increasing rises in energy costs and the increased pressure on organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, now more than ever is there a need to consider energy efficient solutions.

Over the next few months we shall consider many types of energy saving products and how they can be integrated into the business environments.

The first item we shall consider is lighting.  Lighting can consume a significant amount of the electricity used in the running of an organisation, and this can be as much as 50% of the total demand dependant on building type and use. read more >

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