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What Services Can You Expect from Mitchell’s in Gloucester?

If you live in Gloucester and are in need of professional building services, then Mitchell’s is on hand to help… but what exactly can you expect from our services? In this blog, we’ll cover the basics that you need to know regarding what commercial services we offer and the quality of service that you can expect from us.

Read on below to learn all you need to know.

Commercial Refrigeration

We are experts in refrigeration, working with numerous businesses in the restaurant and retail industry. We are able to provide all kinds of commercial refrigerators for installation, including:

  • Retail fridges
  • Refrigeration systems for supermarkets
  • Catering fridges
  • Restaurant fridges
  • Cold rooms for industrial facilities
  • Product display fridges
  • Walk-in fridges/freezers

Whatever type of fridge you need for your business, you can count on us to provide you with it – we also offer refrigeration maintenance services to help upkeep your refrigeration system.

AC Installation

All sorts of commercial settings require air conditioning systems, from offices to factories. Here at Mitchell’s, we’re trusted industry experts who possess the knowledge and expertise to create bespoke air conditioning systems to meet your business needs.

We will visit your site to conduct a survey and discuss your needs, then will design an air conditioning system that will work for you whilst keeping costs low, before professionally installing said high quality HVAC systems at your premises. Our systems are designed to give you complete and precise control over the temperature and humidity, so you really can create your ideal working environment.

Commercial Heating

Not only can we help keep you cool, but we can also help keep you warm thanks to our heating services. We have the expertise and experience to assess the condition of your boiler, completing repair work quickly and efficiently so that your heating system is up and running again in no time – and if your boiler is beyond repair? No worries, we can also carry out boiler replacements.

On top of this, we also offer sustainable heating solutions; we are currently involved in the installation of local air source heat pumps in Gloucester, which are a sustainable way to reduce power consumption whilst heating your building and lowering your business’s carbon footprint. We understand the importance of creating more sustainable yet just as efficient heating solutions, which is why we’re proud to offer you assistance in operating a greener premises.

Get in Touch

Offering our services to much of the South West area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you could benefit from the commercial services we offer – on top of those we covered in this blog, we also offer commercial ductwork manufacturing and ventilation solutions.

Operating for over 100 years, make us your trusted local company when it comes to creating a comfortable work environment at your commercial premises.

For more information on our services and to discuss how we can meet your requirements, contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

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