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Ducting Design: The Top Types Of Commercial Ductwork

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have been looking for ways to make their everyday lives more comfortable. One way in which this has been achieved is with the management of indoor temperatures, whether through heating or cooling.

Once achieved with the use of rudimentary systems, these efforts to warm or cool our interiors are now controlled by various advanced technologies.These include central heating, air conditioning and ventilation, where these approaches to indoor comfort all rely on one vital piece of equipment – the duct.

Read on to learn more about the different types of ductwork and their various applications.

Rigid Ductwork

This popular type of ductwork is used for permanent heating and cooling applications, where its sturdiness makes for a durable and long lasting piece of infrastructure. Rigid ducts come in a variety of different subcategories. These include sheet metal ducts, which are adept at withstanding high temperatures. Fibreglass lined ducts are a further type typically used to muffle the sounds of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Semi-Rigid Ductwork

This type of ductwork is a compromise between modern and rigid varieties, where it can provide a durable and fire resistant option with more flexibility than the fully rigid kind. Semi-rigid ductwork usually consists of a smaller diameter than other varieties, meaning it is a much better fit for tight spaces. As an alternative to purely plastic ducting, semi-rigid options are ideal for domestic installations as a leak-free and reliable choice.

Flexible Ductwork

At the other end of the spectrum is flexible ductwork, where this is usually made from synthetic materials such as PVC. It can also contain a steel spiralled wire to boost its flexibility even further. Benefits of this type of ductwork include its lightweight qualities, where this makes it much easier to transport and install compared to more rigid varieties. As a result this can reduce labour costs, making flexible ductwork a cheaper product to work with.

Rectangular Ductwork

Most ducting is round in design, where rectangular ductwork is a less commonly used option. This comes in a range of different materials, where the unusual shape is ideal for fitting into tight or awkward spaces. Its height and width measurements differ, compared to the spherical specifications of regular ducts, meaning it can adapt to more difficult and restrictive projects.

Mitchells: High Quality Ductwork Installations For Your Business

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