Creating environments
that work since 1905

What We Do

Mitchell’s aim is to create environments that work, and to do this we offer a great selection of facilities management and building services. This includes air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ductwork manufacture, commercial ventilation and complete HVAC packages. Other companies are probably not able to offer this incredible range of services, as well as our competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

We are backed by a fully functioning Service Department and have a fleet of staff who are capable of project management and design. We remain compliant with all updated legislation and regulations, understanding the importance of compliance in business, especially when it comes to building regulations.


Using our own design drawings we can create installations to suit you, appointing either a project manager on larger schemes or a senior engineer on smaller installations to help get the task done. Using these points of contact ensures that we interpret client requirements correctly and can work around any unforeseen challenges that happen during the construction phase by having somebody on site.


While many of our competitors want to complete a project and walk away, Mitchell’s have clients who have been loyal to us for many decades, demonstrating that our company will service and maintain installed equipment correctly. We also offer a full Facilities Management Package, as we have the backup staff and the depth of knowledge required to assist in the ongoing care of your business requirements.

‘Creating environments that work’

When we were looking for a new strap line for the company we told our marketing people what we do. It was a difficult journey for them but we now think that they have got it right, at Mitchell’s we create environments that work! Contact the team for more information – we would be delighted to answer any questions.

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