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Five Signs that You’re in Need of a Boiler Replacement

Boilers are essential pieces of equipment for heating a building, whether that be your home or even your commercial premises. Though modern boilers tend to be incredibly efficient and will work for a long time with no issues, there are, of course, still times when things can go wrong.

Read on below to see five of the warning signs that there is an issue with your boiler that may mean you’ll need a boiler replacement.

1 | Slow Heating Radiators

Upon your boiler kicking into action, you should notice that your radiators begin to warm up within a few minutes and reach their peak temperature within half an hour. However, if you notice that your radiators are taking a lot longer to heat up, then this could indicate that your boiler is wearing out.

Though this could just be the result of a cold spot or a blockage that can be fixed by a boiler service, if your radiators are still taking too long to heat up after servicing then it could be time to replace your boiler all together.

2 | Low ERP Rating

An ERP rating determines the efficiency of your boiler, with an A rating being the most efficient and G being the least. If your heating system is old, then chances are it has a lower efficiency and will be costing you more in energy bills.

Check the ERP rating to test the efficiency of your boiler to see if it should be improved.

3 | Boiler Keeps Shutting Off

Not only is a boiler that keeps shutting itself off frustrating to you, but it also indicates that there’s a problem. Whether it’s because of low pressure, a faulty thermostat or a pump issue, this should not be happening – certainly not frequently.

It could be that certain parts need replacing, or a full replacement is needed; either way, it’s time to call a heating engineer if this keeps happening to your boiler.

4 | Low Pressure

Speaking of low pressure, there are a number of reasons why your boiler may be experiencing this, such as a leak in the system or air escaping through the valve, which can leave you with no hot water or central heating. However, when pressure loss is a recurring issue, then this could mean that there’s a more serious problem and a full replacement may be necessary.

5 | Frequent Breakdowns

If it seems that there are never ending problems cropping up with your boiler and you keep experiencing frequent issues, strange noises, faults or breakdowns, then it’s fair to say that your current boiler needs to go. Rather than keep spending money on call-outs and repairs, it’s much more worthwhile to invest in a modern boiler that you can trust to work efficiently and with no issues.

Just as boilers are essential in homes, they are just as important in commercial settings. If you’re experiencing issues with your commercial boiler, then you need Mitchell’s.

Based in Gloucester, we’re specialists in heating installations and maintenance. If you require assistance with your commercial boiler, then you can trust our qualified engineers to get the job done. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.

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