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Time for a Boiler Replacement? Gloucester Heating Services Can Help

Your boiler may not be working as well as it should and that could mean it’s time for a boiler replacement.

It may be that your boiler simply requires maintenance, but sometimes it’s better to replace the heating system altogether. Heating services in Gloucester can provide you with a new boiler, but first, let’s look at the signs that you may need to start checking new boilers.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Boiler

When it comes to heating systems, Gloucester-based Mitchell’s offers some excellent options. They will also provide you with repair services if necessary. However, if you’re noticing any of the following signs, then you should probably move straight to boiler replacement.

Constant Repairs

When a part of your home keeps breaking down, it makes sense to fix it… at first. However, after you’ve called the heating company several times in a few months, it is likely time to look for a new boiler. The overall cost will end up being less than the constant repairs.

Poor Heating

Is your heater barely functioning at this point? As long as you’ve kept up with regular maintenance, the boiler should be functioning well. However, you may need to look at replacing the system if you find that your boiler’s pressure isn’t where it should be or if your radiators, even after bleeding, take too long to heat.

Too Much Noise

When your heating system starts to make a lot of noise, it may be time to look at replacement. Some issues may be fixable, such as removing the sludge that causes a tapping noise in the system. However, it’s normal to hear more noises from older heating systems.

## can help you determine if the problem is due to a minor issue or if it means something worse.

Weird Odours

It can be rather dangerous to smell gas or sulphur in your home, particularly near the boiler. This is a good indication that you have a gas leak and should immediately turn off the boiler and call the experts in. Don’t risk your life.

Yellow Flame

When the boiler flame turns yellow, this is also an indication that things are very wrong with your boiler. The flame should always be blue. If you see it has changed colour to orange or yellow, turn the boiler off and call for immediate service from a heating company. Mitchell’s offers an emergency service for this reason for boilers in Gloucester.

Leaking Water

Notice some water on the floor around your boiler? If so, this can be a sign that your boiler is finished and needs to be retired. Consider replacing it fairly soon, as the seals are already broken or worn down inside.

Whether you’re looking for commercial boilers in Gloucester or a company to handle heating installations, Mitchell’s can help. Contact us today for more information.

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