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Knowing What Type of Refrigerator You Need for Your Restaurant

Refrigeration systems are integral to the day-to-day running of any commercial kitchen, but finding the right system for your particular requirements can be challenging. Some suppliers may persuade you to go for an option you simply don’t need while others might lack the expertise to suggest the most suitable solution for your restaurant.

Here at Mitchell’s, we understand how crucial it is for restaurants to install the most appropriate form of refrigeration, and our ability to design and install perfect solutions has allowed us to excel in our industry. Our roots date back to 1905, but it’s the fact that we always stay on top of the latest developments that’s helped us remain a market leader in Gloucester.

Our professionals will gladly listen to your needs and offer expert advice, but below, we’ve written a brief guide to the different types of restaurant refrigeration available. If you have any questions about the solutions described below, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a more detailed explanation.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Refrigeration System

Thanks to modern commercial refrigerators, you don’t need to restock your restaurant with fresh meat, seafood and other chilled foodstuffs daily, but having a system that’s unsuitable for your environment can lead to inefficiencies and work difficulties. Here are your options:

  • Reach-In Refrigerator Cabinets

Reach-in refrigerators can either be tall or low to the ground and, as the name implies, they refer to standalone, usually movable units that employees have to reach inside to access chilled food. The refrigerators in question should be stored away from heat. Therefore, they’re suitable for smaller establishments but likely impractical for larger restaurants.

  • Walk-In Fridges/Cold Rooms

Walk-in refrigerators can be as small as a typical utility room or as large as a living room, and it’s this flexible size range that makes them appropriate for most large, city-centre restaurants that attract diners in their masses. Walk-in fridges can be custom-made to your exact specifications, and the best installers can suggest the most ideal size for your establishment.

  • Refrigerator Drawers

If you employ dozens of chefs who are swept off their feet daily, you may benefit from installing refrigerator drawers under your countertops. Easy and quick access to fresh food may be just what you need to boost productivity in your commercial kitchen.

  • Restaurant Freezers

Not all restaurants require freezers, especially those that specialise in vegan cuisine or only serve fresh food. However, small restaurants that wish to add slow-moving lines to their menus may need to purchase a reach-in freezer or have a walk-in freezer installed.

Contact the Experts at Mitchell’s for Refrigeration Advice

Just as with the rest of the UK, restaurant owners in Gloucester must comply with strict health and safety laws when installing commercial refrigerators, further adding to the complexity of choosing the right system. Fortunately, the professionals at Mitchell’s can design and install a system that won’t let you down, and there’s no better company to trust than us for routine maintenance. If you have any questions regarding commercial kitchen refrigerators, don’t hesitate to call our experts on 01452 302206.

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