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How to Tell When Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

The UK rarely experiences scorching hot weather, which is why most homeowners don’t view permanent air conditioning as a worthwhile investment. However, factories, offices and other commercial settings can overheat easily thanks to heat-generating equipment and an abundance of busy bodies, making air conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury.

You need your HVAC system to remain in full working order if you want to maximise productivity as well as maintain a comfortable work environment, but sooner or later, issues will arise. Having your air conditioners serviced regularly is the best way to prevent costly damages and keep your system running economically.

Mitchell’s is a company comprised of some of Gloucester’s brightest minds in the industry, and they know a thing or two about the need to have a fully functional air conditioning system in the workplace. We can inspect your system thoroughly, carry out the required repairs professionally and efficiently, and install new air conditioners that guarantee to stand the test of time. If you notice any of the following signs, you ought to call our HVAC specialists for assistance.

  • A Lack of Cool Air

Perhaps the most obvious sign of something being amiss with your air conditioners is not being able to feel any cool air. If your commercial environment remains hot and sweaty despite having your AC set to low, you probably need to have your system serviced.

  • Weak Air Flow

If the rate at which your vents are releasing cold air seems a little slow, there may be a problem with your AC’s compressor. Only by having a professional inspection can you get to the root of the issue promptly and subsequently return your air conditioner to its former condition.

  • Thermostat Issues

The problem may lie with a faulty thermostat rather than degraded AC components. If you notice that certain areas of your work environment feel comfortably chilled while others remain unbearably hot, you ought to let the professionals test your thermostat.

  • Leakages and Puddles

If your AC’s drain tube breaks or becomes blocked, the results can include pools of water forming close to your AC units. However, the problem can also be caused by leaking refrigerant, which needs to be dealt with promptly as it could lead to health conditions.

  • Odd Noises

All air conditioner units make sounds, but continuous grinding and squealing noises could be indicative of damages. It may be that some components just need a little extra lubrication, or it could mean that your AC’s belt needs replacing.

  • Strange Smells

Bad odours can also suggest that something is wrong with your system. Foul smells emit from ACs with burned out wires, a build-up of mould or degraded components.

Trust the Professionals at Mitchell’s for AC Servicing

While it’s sometimes easy to recognise problems, it’s usually challenging to put things right in a way that ensures issues don’t arise again quickly. The reliable and experienced experts at Mitchell’s can inspect your air conditioner thoroughly and subsequently complete the repairs to the highest industry standards. Even though we’re headquartered in Gloucester, we’re regularly called upon by clients all across the UK, so contact us today on 01452 302206 to speak to the HVAC specialists you can trust.

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