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How to Maintain Good Hygiene in Your Restaurant

Adhering to excellent food hygiene standards has always been important when running a restaurant, but in the unprecedented times of Covid-19, it’s more vital than ever. Good hygiene ensures food is safe to eat, keeps your customers safe and ensures you comply with the law.

It’s a legal requirement to make sure all food handlers are given the appropriate training and information when it comes to hygiene, and a business can be shut down if it fails to comply. Most businesses are aware of the high standards they need to follow, but if you’re new to the industry or need a refresh, see below to find out how to maintain good hygiene in your restaurant.

Proper food storage

Correct food storage is essential to ensure produce doesn’t become exposed to harmful bacteria. The majority of food will need to be chilled, so it’s important to keep on top of your fridge organisation and throw out any food that’s past its sell by date. Label all leftover food with the date it was cooked and keep chilled food out of the fridge for as little time as possible during prep.

You should also check regularly to ensure that your fridges and freezers are cold enough and call for maintenance or repair as soon as possible if there’s an issue.

Prevent cross contamination

Cross contamination occurs when bacteria is spread between food, surfaces or equipment and it’s arguably the biggest threat to good food hygiene. Reduce the chances of cross contamination by storing and preparing raw and cooked food separately, using different or clean equipment.

Staff should always wash their hands after touching raw food (especially animal products) and thoroughly disinfect areas if the same space is being used after chopping or preparing raw products.

Have a thorough cleaning schedule

Failing to clean thoroughly is one of the most common reasons for food businesses to be prosecuted, so a thorough cleaning schedule is essential. Have a clear checklist of what needs to be completed during, and at the end of, each shift.

This should include things like, thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces, removing food waste, cleaning up spills and deep cleaning appliances like fridges and cookers regularly. You should also ensure that you’re using cleaning products that are safe for areas where food is prepared.

A properly functioning refrigerator is essential to maintain good food hygiene, so if you’re in need of commercial refrigerator maintenance, get in touch with the experts at Mitchell’s. We’re proud to offer maintenance and repair for a wide range of units, including retail fridges, catering fridges, walk-in freezers and more. If your refrigerator systems are in need of maintenance or repair, don’t hesitate to call us today or visit our website to find out more.

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