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Top Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs Repairing

The hospitality industry has evolved over the years to become the steadfast provider of refreshments that we know and love today. The experience of dining out is big business, where restaurants, cafes and bars must all compete to provide their customers with the best possible service and experience.


These venues rely on a wide variety of industrial equipment in order to properly cook and store their ingredients, where this includes large commercial refrigerators. These are a supersized version of the domestic equivalent, designed to store large quantities of food, whilst also providing easy access for staff.


As this is an essential part of the catering machine, it is important that businesses can recognise the signs of disrepair when it comes to a commercial fridge. This makes it possible to carry out maintenance work before a major malfunction occurs. Read on to find out more about the top signs your fridge needs a little TLC.

Increased Energy Bills

If your company’s energy bills have spiked without explanation, then the cause may lie with your refrigerator. If specific parts have fallen into disrepair, then this means your fridge has to work much harder to keep cool, using more energy in the process.

Spoiled Food

Temperature regulation is the main job of your refrigerator, where you will quickly notice the effects if it is no longer staying as cool as it should. Commercial catering businesses are required to keep their food properly refrigerated at all times to avoid endangering customer health, where this issue should always be resolved straight away.

Excess Ice

Fridges and freezers will naturally accumulate ice over time, where this can be exacerbated by overloading the shelf space, which prevents a proper circulation of air. But if this ice build up becomes excessive even after carrying out a defrost then it may be time to contact a professional.

Door Seal Damage

Refrigerators rely on a properly sealed door to maintain their internal temperature. As such, any wear around the door seal can quickly lower the effectiveness of the cooling mechanism, where this should always be repaired as soon as possible.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can be caused by a range of problems within your refrigeration system, such as overheating or an electrical malfunction. This can cause a slip hazard in addition to indicating that the fridge is no longer in working order.

Mitchells: Commercial Fridge Repair Services You Can Depend On

At Mitchells, we can help keep your fridge in good condition, where our experienced team is ready to handle a range of repair tasks. In addition to this, we can also offer air conditioner servicing

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