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How to Find the Best Heating Systems in Gloucester

With winter fully settled in, effective heating systems in Gloucester are a must have. It’s difficult enough to get through the colder months with a decent boiler system, so if your boiler dies on you, it can be serious. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of handy heating services. Gloucester has several to select from to ensure you stay warm this winter.

What to Look for in a Boiler Replacement Gloucester

First, you’ll need to look at what type of boiler you want. There are a number of different choices for commercial boilers. Gloucester based companies tend to offer three main options:


These boilers are the most commonly used in the UK and are an all-in-one system. The Combi boiler allows you to install it in a relatively small space and provide heating as well as hot water on demand. No tanks need to be installed, which allows them to heat the entire house with a minimal footprint.


A system boiler is a good option if you use a lot of hot water. This is because you have a hot water cylinder that will store the hot water for the house. It does require more space to set it up, but you’ll end up with hot water when you need it and heat, as well.


These traditional boilers are usually found in older houses, but they’re not necessarily the best choice these days. They’re set up with a feeder tank, an expansion tank and also require a hot water cylinder, to provide hot water throughout the house. These systems are quite large and require extensive pipes.

Select Your Fuel

Which fuel does your current boiler run on? This is likely the same fuel you’ll want to use for the next one. Most boilers run on gas these days, but you’ll often find oil fueled boilers in more rural areas.

Gas is the most common due to the network of natural gas pipes that reach most homes. However, there are quite a few places where the gas network doesn’t reach. These may use oil, which is stored in large tanks outside the house. A few boilers are also electric, which can drive your energy use up considerably.

Consider Your Budget

Everyone has their own budget, so you’ll need to consider how much you have for the purchase. Consider talking to a heating company in Gloucester to get a quote. Ideally, you’ll have multiple quotes on heating installations in Gloucester to get the best price.

Both home and commercial boilers in Gloucester can give you the hot water you need, as well as providing heat for the house or other type of building.

If you need to install a new boiler in your home, contact Mitchells to get advice on which option is best for your needs. We can help you determine the perfect fit and get it installed for you, as well as providing ongoing maintenance.

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