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Air Conditioning Installation in the Winter: The Benefits of All-Year Aircon

It’s common for most people to think that air conditioning is only designed for cooling, but our blog is here to bust all your AC myths! Air conditioning all year round can bring a world of benefits, which we’re going to dive into! Our blog looks at how all-year aircon can benefit your building and where you can find quality HVAC system installations. To find out more, keep on reading!

HVAC Systems In The Winter: Everything You Need To Know

Naturally, you would assume that air conditioning only cools you down, but it can actually be very useful all year round, even in the winter months! As the temperature starts to drop, using your air conditioning unit may not be the worst idea. Read below to learn more about using your AC during the winter.

How Can AC Systems Heat Up My Building?

The burning question on your mind right now is probably, how can I use my AC system to heat my property? And we’ve got the answers! Putting your air conditioning unit onto a reverse cycle will allow it to produce heat in your building. These air conditioners are extremely energy efficient, allowing you to heat and cool your home with one unit, all year round.

Conventional heating systems have to generate heat, usually by burning fossil fuels. However, reverse cycle air conditioners simply draw in heat from the outdoors and distribute it in your building. Because of their filtration systems, these air conditioners are able to maintain a healthy air quality, while keeping your property nice and toasty.

Pros & Cons Of AC Heating

Read below for some of the pros and cons of AC heating systems.


  • Heating and cooling capabilities in one unit
  • No need for other expensive, complex heating systems
  • Simple to use, often having automatic settings & timers
  • The unit is usually installed out of your way, not hindering your day to day routines
  • Lower bills overall, as a result of the better energy efficiency
  • More beneficial for the environment


  • Wall space is sometimes needed to fit these air conditioning units
  • Efficiency may vary if it’s extremely cold or extremely hot outside

Replacing Your Radiators

As we’ve already mentioned, many buildings will have standard heating systems to warm them up. These heating systems will usually rely on the burning of fossil fuels to function properly, which contributes massively to climate change. In recent times, energy prices have been soaring, making it difficult for people to heat their homes over the winter. As people are looking for more cost-effective ways to heat their homes and commercial properties, replacing our radiators with HVAC units could be the answer!

If you’re having a HVAC system fitted, with the intent of heating your property, you may want to replace your radiators. If your boiler and heating system are relatively old, it might be time to start fresh with a reverse cycle air conditioning unit! However,you can use your AC unit alongside your radiators too.

Using your radiators alongside your HVAC can be useful for a range of reasons:

  • Much cheaper – It’s much cheaper to use your HVAC alongside your heating system, rather than replace it all. Unless your heating system is old and inefficient, then it can be useful to have a replacement.
  • Better efficiency – newer makes and models of air conditioning units are great for efficiency, which is especially useful considering the rising energy prices.
  • Versatile – Having both systems gives you versatility and choice when it comes to heating, and you are able to cool your building down too during the summer.

Benefits Of Using AC During The Winter

It’s easy to assume that all air conditioning units are made to keep us cool, but making the most out of your HVAC system can be a cost-effective and efficient way to heat your property. Read below to understand some of the benefits that come with using your AC during the winter.

Health Benefits

While it may seem unrelated, effective and properly maintained air conditioning systems can offer health benefits during the winter. Air conditioning units usually have filters which help to eliminate irritants like dust, allergens and other types of air pollutants. By filtering out these irritants, air conditioning units reduce the risk of respiratory problems and allergies.

Wait, there’s more! Because these systems provide a consistent level of warmth, this can be useful for people with ongoing medical conditions like arthritis. For individuals with poor circulation or other conditions, staying at a consistent, warm temperature is vital throughout the day.

Last, but not least, using air conditioning for heat actually helps to control the humidity levels, which is great for fighting against the growth of mould and mildew. Mouldy environments can indicate a condensation problem or showcase damp areas. Mould spores can seriously impact our health, so keeping your building dry and warm with AC is a great option.

Structural Damage

Mould and mildew can cause a world of problems, damaging the structure of your building. Your walls, ceilings and the internal structure of your property can be seriously affected by condensation and moisture. It can cause rot, water damage and warping, as well as encouraging the growth of mould. Parts of your building can start to expand or contract, also putting the building’s structural integrity at risk.

The ventilation features that are built into air conditioning systems are great for regulating the airflow in a building, allowing fresh and clean air in. They can reduce the amount of condensation in your building, mitigating issues such as mould or structural damage.

Carbon Emissions

If you decide to replace your radiators with an air conditioning system, or you’re using an air conditioning system alongside radiators, you can reduce your carbon footprint drastically. Most heating systems are powered by fossil based fuels, which contributes massively to global warming. Air conditioning systems, however, run on electricity, which can be renewable sourced, reducing your building’s carbon emissions.

Modern air conditioning units might also be called ‘air to air heat pumps’ which means they take heat energy from outdoor air and bring it inside to heat up your building. Because the heat is drawn from the air, rather than by burning fuel, it reduces running costs and is healthier for the environment.

All Year Temperature Control

Another great benefit of using your HVAC system during the winter as well as the summer is the cost-effective temperature control all year round! Air conditioning systems are generally more cost-effective, and help to remove moisture, making them an exceptional choice for regulating the temperature of your building. Whether it’s your home or a commercial property, air conditioning can be a great alternative to radiators and standard heating systems.

Just One Purchase

By investing in a HVAC system, you can rely on it to regulate the temperature of your building all year round. While many people invest in new heating upgrades or portable heaters for the colder months, you won’t need to worry! By having a system that can cool you down as well as keep you warm during the winter. Not only is a one time purchase more cost effective, but actually running your HVAC system will be more financially rewarding than running your heating.

Mitchell’s: AC Maintenance, HVAC Installation & More

Here at Mitchell’s, we offer a range of air conditioner servicing and HVAC maintenance options. From domestic to commercial applications, we cater our AC systems to work seamlessly in your property, no matter how big or small. Getting your HVAC installation right is important to us, which is why we always visit our client’s sites and take the time to understand their needs in depth. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to finding the right system for your building and carrying out an efficient installation.

For more information about our services, or HVAC systems, feel free to head to our website! If you’d like to speak to our team directly, get in touch with us here at Mitchell’s today.

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