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Top Tips for Finding Reliable Commercial Electricians

Having the contact details of a reliable electrician can be hugely helpful, whether you require a new lighting installation or emergency call-out services for an electrical fault in your property. This is crucial for residential properties, but it’s also vitally important if you own or manage a commercial or industrial building. After all, if you manage a commercial or industrial building, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, warehouse or office, you are not only responsible for the safety of yourself. You are also responsible for the safety of a team of employees and customers. With this in mind, making sure you work with reliable and reputable commercial electricians is critical.

To help you source professional electricians who are well-equipped to take care of all your electrical requirements safely and efficiently, we’ve put together a list of top tips and hints.

Ask for recommendations from other companies in your field

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. If you’ve received exceptional service from a company, you are likely to recommend them to friends, family and colleagues – and the same is true in reverse. Asking the people around you to recommend trusted electricians is a simple yet effective way to find a great company without worrying about the legitimacy of the contractors you’ve hired.

When you’re searching for commercial or industrial electricians, remember that you will need to find highly specialised contractors. Your expectations and requirements will be largely different from those of a homeowner, so you will need electricians who can meet them safely and efficiently. With this in mind, it pays to ask for recommendations from other companies in your industry.

For example, if you manage a warehouse, ask other warehouse managers in the local area who they would recommend. If you run a hotel, ask other guesthouses and businesses in the hospitality sector for the contact details of the commercial electricians they rely on. This will help you find a company that understands your requirements and is well-equipped to handle them.

Find reviews and testimonials from previous customers

If seeking recommendations through word of mouth doesn’t do the trick, you’ll need to take your search online. Many great commercial and industrial electricians have a website that you can look through, but it’s important not to take this at face value. After all, their website will be written to give the best possible impression of their contractors and service. With this in mind, you’ll need to do further research to make sure they’re a legitimate and trustworthy company.

The easiest way to do this is to find reviews and testimonials from previous customers. By finding out what other customers have thought, you can find a team of contractors who meet your expectations. Remember – most companies will typically have one or two negative reviews. However, if the large majority of reviews point to issues like a lack of professionalism or safety concerns, it’s time to look elsewhere!


Find electrical contractors who offer emergency call-outs

You may know where and how to find the electrical contractors available in your local area, but what qualities and services should you be looking for? One of the most important things to consider is whether the contractors you’re planning to hire offer emergency call-out services. Working with electricians who can offer emergency call-out services gives you peace of mind that no matter the time of day or night, you have the contact details of trusted contractors to take care of electrical faults.

There’s never a convenient time to deal with electrical issues – and you never know when they’re going to arise. Calling a professional you can rely on to arrive promptly and resolve the issue quickly and safely can minimise business downtime and make sure your company runs smoothly. With this in mind, make sure you work with a company that offers 24/7 maintenance support.

Work with electrical contractors who specialise in your industry

As we’ve discussed, working with electrical contractors who can meet your requirements exactly is vitally important. As such, you should find contractors who specialise in the industry you work in. It simply doesn’t make sense to hire electricians who only have experience in dealing with domestic electrical issues if you manage a large warehouse. They just won’t have the experience, tools or knowledge to complete the job safely and to the highest standard.

With this in mind, you should spend a little extra time researching and finding electricians who offer commercial and industrial services. This way, you can rest assured that your chosen electricians will take care of the problem at hand, no matter how big or small the solution required.

Compare free quotes from a couple of different companies

When it comes to finding trusted electricians, remember that there’s nothing more important than safety. Of course, it pays to find contractors who offer their services at competitive rates, but receiving a high-quality service should be your top priority. After all, poor electrical works can be extremely dangerous. Electric shocks, fires and power cuts are just three consequences that could occur as a result of damaged wiring or other electrical faults.

Nevertheless, that’s not to say that you can’t find brilliant electricians who offer top-quality services at highly affordable prices. One of the most effective ways to find them is to collect and compare quotes from multiple different companies. This allows you to see which prices are reasonable and which seem too expensive.

When sourcing quotes from companies, make sure they are free. If a company tries to charge you for an initial quote, it’s time to look elsewhere. There also shouldn’t be any obligation for you to agree to works once you’ve asked for a quote. This isn’t a contract and there’s no pressure for you to hire the contractors in question.


Check that your chosen contractors are qualified and accredited

Checking that your chosen contractors have the skills and experience necessary to complete the job at hand is one of the most important tips we can share. It’s vitally important that your chosen contractors have the qualifications needed to complete all electrical works, from rewiring to the installation of light fixtures, to ensure the safety of your building. All work must also be completed according to the appropriate regulations and standards, as set out by the HSE.

To check whether your chosen electrical contractors have the qualifications and accreditations to work on your building, give them a call to ask which trade organisation they are registered with. Several main organisations in the UK regulate the work of electricians, such as the NICEIC. It’s common practice for trusted electricians to be registered with one of these governing bodies and to comply with the regulations set out by them.

Work with electricians who embrace modern technology

Today, it’s more important than ever to reduce your environmental impact where possible. This is especially crucial if you manage a large commercial building with high energy usage. There are many ways to do this, but one great way is to find electrical contractors who embrace modern technology. By working with electricians committed to reducing their carbon footprint, you can make sure that your company is also doing its bit.

Additionally, when you work with electricians who are committed to utilising modern technology, you’ll benefit from top-quality services at affordable prices. Modern technology often seeks to make tasks quicker and more precise, meaning your chosen electricians will be able to take care of common problems more efficiently.

Find polite and friendly commercial electricians

In addition to finding reliable commercial electricians, you also want to find contractors who are polite and friendly! If you require their services for a large project, such as the rewiring of an entire warehouse or the installation of plug outlets across a whole hotel, you’re going to have lots of contact with them. If they are rude or unprofessional, it’ll soon become frustrating to engage with them – which won’t make the process very fun for you or your employees!

Additionally, it pays to work with electricians who make you feel comfortable. This way, you’ll feel much more confident when suggesting modifications or asking for updates on the work.

To make sure your chosen commercial electricians are polite and friendly, give them a call before agreeing to hire them. Speaking to them on the phone will help you gauge the level of customer service you could expect from them and allow you to ask any questions you may have.


Mitchell’s: Reliable and reputable commercial electricians in Gloucester

At Mitchell’s, we’re proud to employ a team of highly-skilled commercial electricians and to work with only the best of the best in Gloucester. We’ve developed a reputation for excellence in the local area as a result of our hardworking and dedicated electrical contractors, who are available to respond to your company’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Whether you manage a hotel, warehouse, office or any other type of commercial or industrial building, look no further than Mitchell’s for electrical contractors you can rely on. We specialise in full electrical design services, installations, maintenance and fixed wiring tests.

For more information about our range of electrical services for businesses in the South West, or to discuss any of our other building and maintenance solutions, get in touch with the Mitchell’s team today. We look forward to working with you.

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