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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Service Your Refrigerator?

Commercial refrigerators have come a long way since they were first invented, with the latest solutions able to last for years with minimal required maintenance. However, nothing in this world is impervious to degradation, and sooner or later, you will have to either repair or replace your refrigeration solution.

If you need to keep medication or consumables refrigerated both for the sake of your customers and to comply with the law, then keeping your system in full working order is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it’s crucial to know when it’s time to have your refrigerators serviced, but it’s also vital to purchase a solution from a trusted provider and installer from the offset. read more >

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How to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Lasts Longer

Nowadays, businesses in Gloucester and across the UK have an extensive selection of options to choose from regarding HVAC installations, but while choice is a good thing, it can make selecting the right solution challenging. You need a cooling and heating system that will remain in top condition for as long as possible, which means finding a reputable company to handle the installation professionally, and in a way that makes ongoing maintenance simple.

At Mitchell’s, we’ve provided homeowners and businesses from a broad range of industries with the highest standards of workmanship for many years and though we’re headquartered in Gloucester, we have a vast network of satisfied clients from all across the UK. read more >

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How to Tell When Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

The UK rarely experiences scorching hot weather, which is why most homeowners don’t view permanent air conditioning as a worthwhile investment. However, factories, offices and other commercial settings can overheat easily thanks to heat-generating equipment and an abundance of busy bodies, making air conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury.

You need your HVAC system to remain in full working order if you want to maximise productivity as well as maintain a comfortable work environment, but sooner or later, issues will arise. Having your air conditioners serviced regularly is the best way to prevent costly damages and keep your system running economically. read more >

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Knowing What Type of Refrigerator You Need for Your Restaurant

Refrigeration systems are integral to the day-to-day running of any commercial kitchen, but finding the right system for your particular requirements can be challenging. Some suppliers may persuade you to go for an option you simply don’t need while others might lack the expertise to suggest the most suitable solution for your restaurant.

Here at Mitchell’s, we understand how crucial it is for restaurants to install the most appropriate form of refrigeration, and our ability to design and install perfect solutions has allowed us to excel in our industry. Our roots date back to 1905, but it’s the fact that we always stay on top of the latest developments that’s helped us remain a market leader in Gloucester. read more >

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EU Legislation and Air Con Inspections

The Montreal Protocol first went into effect in the 1980s as part of a consolidated, international effort to reduce and eventually phase out the production of substances contributing to ozone depletion. These protocols were instrumental in helping us to restore the integrity of the ozone layer. In that sense, this initiative has been an optimistic reminder of what we can accomplish when we band together to protect our planet.

In response to these protocols, the EU Ozone Regulation went into effect in the UK and elsewhere across the continent. Regulations to phase out harmful refrigerants like CFCs were periodically stepped up in the following ways: read more >

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What to Do with Your Air Con Unit Now that R22 Refrigerant Is Being Phased Out

Over the past 20 years, the EU Ozone Regulation has been incrementally stepping up its efforts to reshape the types of coolant we use in refrigerators and air-conditioners. This has been part of a global effort to reverse the damage done to the ozone layer through the use of harmful CFCs – and it has been extraordinarily successful.

The hole in the ozone above Antarctica appears to be healing, and scientists are optimistic that regulations like those introduced through the Montreal Protocol and EU Ozone Regulation are partially responsible. At a time when humanity’s effect on the global environment is becoming increasingly pronounced, it’s encouraging to see that at least some of our efforts to rein in the damage we’ve caused have been effective. read more >

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A New Addition to the Mitchell’s Headquarters

mitchells creating environments that work gloucester

If you have driven by Mitchells Gloucester office or walked down Bristol Road over the past few weeks, you might have noticed something new and very much outstanding, with a stunning, modern and fresh piece of artwork from local street artist “Trix”.
Mitchells were delighted to commission Trix to make the dreary, pebble dash wall into not only a great advert for the company, but to also make the outside of the building look vibrant. Not only has he achieved this, but he has gone beyond what they could have hoped for, delivering a fantastic piece of art that showcases the services offered, in a different way to most other advertisements in the city (and probably the country).
The timing of the outside upgrade is also in line with the general re-generation of the docks and Bristol road canal corridor and also as part of the city clean up ahead of the rugby world cup, which comes to Gloucester this year.
Although Mitchells are a traditional, historic and well established company, having operated in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties for over 100 years, they wanted to make both new and existing customers aware of where they are located and what they do, and the idea of street art was to be a little different and maybe radical, which has led to much interest in the company and some fantastic feedback.
The wall art follows the traditional company image, which is based on the recent upgrade of vans and website, which also went live at the same time as the new wall art. Featuring Einstein, Nicole Tesla (the inventor of AC Electricity) and a train to link the GWR as an integral part of Gloucester and the South West, Trix has captured everything the company has to offer, along with local and industry links which are a talking point around the city.
Managing Director, Garrion Leeds, commented:
“We discussed an initial brief of a copy of our van signs and the incorporation of condensing units (AC is a main part of what we do) and I suggested he could make the condensing units look like they had been graffiti’d.
Trix created a sketch mock-up of the first part of the wall and then we had a brain storm to decide what else should be incorporated.
We wanted a Gloucester(shire) link as we are a long established local firm, hence the skyline of the cathedral, tall ships and rugby posts.
All of our team are delighted with the end result, as am I, and we know that for years to come our office and HQ will be a talking point of the city, for all the right reasons”.
So, if you haven’t seen it, now is the time to head to Gloucester and have a look, but just in case you cannot make it just yet, we have some pictures of before and after below. read more >

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When Was The Last Time You Had Your Air Conditioning Serviced?

If you are based in the South West, Midlands or South Wales and you have air conditioning systems in your business premises, then Mitchells of Gloucester are your perfect partner when it comes to the servicing and maintenance of your units.

When it comes air condition units, keeping them in a safe and working order has to be one of your health and safety priorities when it comes to taking care of your business, because if the system is not serviced and maintained then it can actually present a danger to your employees, which is something that of course must be avoided. read more >

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Mitchells – Your Number One Commercial Air Conditioning Company

When it comes to making sure that you choose the right company to work with for your air conditioning requirements, then one call to Mitchells will put you on the right road for a more comfortable working environment this summer.

Getting the right air conditioning unit for your office, factory, canteen or any other type of indoor business premises is crucial to make sure that your staff and employees are able to work in comfortable conditions.  With any type of business, working at 100% efficiency is the key to profitability. read more >

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Mitchells Say Goodbye To Steve

Mitchells has lost over 28 years worth of experience following the retirement of Mr Steve Lyes, one of our longest serving electricians on Friday 1st February.

Steve received a watch to mark the occasion from the Directors at Mitchells, presented by the Chairman Mr Norman Mitchell.

His work colleagues had a collection from which they managed to buy a pitchfork, garden fork and a spade to assist Steve in his gardening pursuits!

We wish him all the best for his retirement and hope that Steve manages the list of jobs that are waiting for him at home. read more >

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