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Is Fitting Air Conditioning a Good Investment for My Office?

Regulating the temperature of an office can be a challenge – but it’s extremely important to a healthy and productive workplace. In the summer, a stuffy office can leave employees feeling disgruntled and lethargic. In the winter, a cold office can result in issues such as mould and damp and increased rates of employee absenteeism. Despite the clear benefits of regulating office temperatures, one question many managers want to know is whether installing air conditioning is a good investment or not.

We all know that installing air conditioning can make an office a more comfortable place to work (especially those with hundreds of employees!) but let’s talk about money. Is fitting air conditioning a worthwhile investment for your business? Here, we discuss some of the main reasons why installing air conditioning is an important investment for businesses everywhere.


Installing air conditioning can increase workplace productivity

Your employees are the driving force behind your business’ success. Put simply, running a lucrative business is extremely difficult without a team of happy employees who can produce the highest quality work. With this in mind, investing in the environment your employees work in is extremely important! After all, a comfortable workplace facilitates productivity and helps people to stay engaged!

There are many avenues to consider when creating a comfortable work environment, but managing the temperature of your office is vitally important. It isn’t a wild assumption that uncomfortable office temperatures affect productivity rates; 2019 research found that 89% of employees had felt unproductive as a result of office temperatures – and this is just one finding amongst many. If even half of your employees have felt less efficient at work because of the climate, the impact on your business’ finances could be huge.

With an air conditioning system, it becomes much easier to regulate the temperature of your workplace. By giving your employees control over the climate, you can also minimise temperature-related downtime and maximise efficiency. You may also want to consider the installation of a central heating system to keep your employees warm throughout the winter months, as feeling cold at work can also have a significant impact on productivity levels.


Controlling the temperature in your office can reduce employee illness and absenteeism rates

Being comfortable at work is more than just a luxury for your employees. It could also help to reduce the risk of your staff members falling ill. During the summer months, the office can become a stuffy environment and breeding ground for bacteria. Your office is particularly at risk if you don’t have the means to ventilate the building, as warm air can incubate germs and viruses and facilitate their spread throughout the workplace.

Keeping your employees happy and healthy is, of course, great for workplace morale – but it can also have huge financial benefits. Workplace satisfaction aside, employee absenteeism costs UK businesses billions every year! Per business, this could mean hundreds or even thousands of pounds lost in a financial year. Finding ways to reduce the rate of absenteeism in your company could help you save lost time and money – and with the many health benefits of air conditioning, installing a unit could be a cost-effective route for your business.

So, how can air conditioning keep your employees healthy and reduce absenteeism rates? There are a couple of ways. Firstly, air conditioning can keep employees cool. As a result, this can help members of staff to stay hydrated throughout the working day, avoiding headaches, heat stroke, nausea and other related symptoms. Secondly, air conditioning systems are designed to filter harmful pollutants that cause coughs and colds and allergy flare-ups. Healthy employees mean a more productive workforce, so it’s always important to invest in your team with high-quality air conditioning and clean air!


Keeping your office cool can protect the building and its contents

Any system that protects your office from damage is a worthwhile investment – and air conditioning can certainly do this! You may not realise it, but air conditioning can help you protect your office building and its contents from a variety of different threats. As a result, you’ll save money on repair and maintenance costs in the long term. This is another great reason to invest in air condition systems in your office.

Air conditioning can protect your office building in two main ways. Firstly, we can thank AC systems for preventing the development of mould and mildew! AC systems help to ventilate properties by encouraging airflow and reducing humidity levels, which in turn can prevent the growth of mould and the development of other damp-related issues.

Secondly, air conditioning systems can also protect the contents of your office building. Specifically, the IT equipment within it. Computer monitors, printers and other technologies are vital to the operation of many office buildings, but many people don’t realise how the temperature of a building can have an impact on their lifespan. Keeping them as cool as possible is a crucial part of tech maintenance, and installing air conditioning is one of the most effective ways to do so.

With this in mind, it’s clear that AC systems aren’t just important for employee satisfaction. They can also help you cut costs on building maintenance and tech repair and replacement services – two things which can cost your business thousands of pounds over the years.


Keeping office windows closed can boost your security measures and prevent criminal activity

When deciding whether to install an air conditioning unit or not, security may not be a factor you think of. However, installing air conditioning can help to boost your company’s security measures and prevent break-ins. How? Well, by regulating the temperature within your office through an air conditioning system, you can reduce your employees’ reliance upon windows. You won’t need to keep the office’s windows open to ventilate the building and keep your workforce cool; instead, the air conditioning system will take care of this for you. Consequently, the chances of windows being left open overnight for criminals and opportunists to take advantage of are much smaller.

Keeping the windows closed also allows your office’s air conditioning system to run efficiently. Make it a rule that your employees use one or the other; if the AC is on while the windows are open, it will need to use more energy to work harder.


Is installing air conditioning a good investment?

Above, we’ve discussed four of the main ways that air conditioners can help your business cut expenditure and save money. While there’s no denying that the upfront costs of installing air conditioning systems can be sizable – and servicing and maintenance costs must also be taken into account – investing in a comfortable, safe and secure work environment can have incredible results. From increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism rates, improved office security and longer equipment lifespans, we can credit air conditioning for many great benefits.

Of course, finding a reputable company to install your office’s air conditioning is vitally important. A great company can ensure that your AC system is of the highest quality to reduce your business’ installation and operational costs. If you’re based in the South West, this is a service we can offer your business. Our AC engineers can take care of your air conditioning installation at highly competitive prices.


Mitchell’s: High-quality air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial buildings in Gloucester

If you’re ready to invest in your workplace environment, look no further than Mitchell’s for a company you can rely on. Our mission is to help businesses in Gloucester and throughout the South West build environments that work, with our range of building services and project management solutions. Whether you’d like to install air conditioning in an office or you require commercial refrigeration services for a restaurant, Mitchell’s is here for you. No matter what your requirements, we have a solution to suit.

For more information about our range of services or to discuss the installation of a commercial AC unit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’re always happy to help.

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