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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

As a business owner, it’s important to pay attention to your heating and air conditioning system. Each day, your HVAC system works hard to keep employees cool, filter the air and regulate the temperature of the office when required – and therefore it’s no surprise commercial air conditioning systems use a lot of energy and can cost a lot to run.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is extremely important. Unfortunately, an air con unit isn’t just something you can install and leave alone; regular maintenance will help ensure the unit continues to run efficiently and smoothly without the need for frequent repairs.

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce their expenditure where possible and the right HVAC system maintenance can help keep operating costs low. Air con maintenance is important to ensure your system stays up and running all year long without any breakdowns. A sudden breakdown during the cold winter weather or the hot days of summer could make your workplace an extremely uncomfortable place to be.

Below, we share some air conditioning maintenance tips to ensure your commercial AC system continues to work efficiently and operation costs stay low.

Inspect your system regularly

There are lots of different ways your system could be trying to tell you there’s a problem. This is why you should regularly take the time to inspect it and keep an eye out for any problematic signs. Listen out for any rattling, grinding, thumping or buzzing sounds within your system. All of these noises indicate there is a wider issue in your system, and therefore it’s worth getting in touch with a professional to take a look for you.

Keep an eye out for any performance issues too. For example, if you’ve noticed any thermostat issues or you’ve walked in one morning to find a puddle of water around your indoor unit, you’ve more than likely got a problem on your hands. As soon as you notice any issues, you should get your system inspected by a professional. They’ll be able to detect any issues and make the necessary repairs for you.

Schedule annual maintenance

The easiest and best way to keep on top of AC maintenance is to create a maintenance plan. As a business owner, you more than likely don’t have the time to maintain your air conditioner yourself. Schedule in preventative commercial HVAC maintenance once a year to ensure your system continues to operate efficiently.

When you schedule in HVAC maintenance with a professional company, you’ll receive an annual maintenance visit from HVAC professionals. These experts will inspect and service your system and complete any necessary maintenance tasks such as testing the safety controls, inspecting the compressor, replacing the air filter and more.

Inspect and change the air filter

The air filter in your commercial HVAC system is designed to filter and clean the air that enters your workspace. The filter traps dust, dirt, debris and other harmful particles that could be floating around, contaminating the air. In fact, offices are often one of the worst places for air contamination, leading to mould and sometimes even viruses circulating in the air.

Ensuring your system’s filter is clean will help ensure it continues to clean the air efficiently and works to optimum efficiency. Over time, the filter will become dirty and clogged with dust and dirt, making it more difficult for air to pass through. If the airflow is restricted, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool down your workspace and clean the air. Failing to change the filter regularly can put additional strain on your system, leading to higher energy costs and eventually a system breakdown.

We recommend inspecting your filter once every three to four weeks to ensure it’s not clogged with dirt or debris. How often you change the filter will depend on how often you use the system and what type of system you have. To learn more about this, get in touch with a professional air conditioner company.

Monitor the thermostat

Before the warm weather sets in for summer, take the time to check the thermostat of your commercial HVAC system and make sure it’s working correctly – if it’s not, you could have a whole host of problems on your hands. To check whether your thermostat is working correctly or not, check if the temperature setting matches the actual temperature in the room. All you have to do is use a thermometer to measure the temperature of your room and match it with the reading on your thermostat.

If the thermostat isn’t giving an accurate reading, you should get in touch with a HVAC professional to help get to the bottom of the problem.

Clean the outdoor unit

Lots of people forget (or don’t realise) that the outside unit is just as important as the inside one, and it requires regular maintenance too. The outdoor condenser unit can usually be found on the roof of the building or attached to a wall outside your office.

Take the time to regularly inspect the unit, removing any leaves, twigs or debris that may have fallen on it. To ensure the outside condenser unit continues to run efficiently and smoothly, it’s a good idea to cut back any plants, branches, bushes or shrubs so that they’re at least three feet away. This will ensure the unit is clear and airflow is not blocked or obstructed.

While a home air conditioner can be easily cleaned by homeowners, commercial HVAC units are more complex. They can become damaged by the most simple error, so we always recommend hiring a professional to carry out any maintenance (such as cleaning the evaporator coils) for you.

Replace outdated systems with an energy-efficient design

If the HVAC system you’re using is old or you can’t remember when it was first installed, it’s highly likely the technology is inefficient and outdated. Old equipment can cost you more in energy bills as they’re less efficient to run; just like humans, AC systems struggle to work hard as they grow older.

Replacing an outdated system with a modern energy-efficient design can greatly improve the efficiency of your building and save you money on costly utility bills. To ensure your building has efficient heating and cooling, make sure your system is modern and technologically advanced.

Mitchell’s: bespoke air conditioning services in Gloucester

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We can install a huge variety of devices with different designs which can be made to achieve a number of different objectives. Our team of experienced specialists are dedicated to ensuring we install a system that works for you and your business and will even take care of maintenance for you too. We understand every building and client has their own requirements, which is why each solution we create is unique.

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