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Fresh New Look for Company Vans

With the launch of their new fresh website earlier in the year, Mitchell’s have carried the website design theme into other areas of the company.

New signage at their premises in Bristol Road now follows the same theme as the website and in the last 2 weeks the new look van livery has been launched.

Incorporating the 2 blue colours into a curved design with all the brightly coloured buttons from the website has transformed the look of the vans.

Managing Director Garrion Leeds said “it’s a real departure from the traditional stock but is in keeping with the website and the fresher face the company wants to portray.  We have been trading since 1905 and although well known throughout the area we do not want to be thought of as old fashioned.” read more >

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Electrical Installation Condition Report

The first amendment to BS7671:2008 (IET Wiring Regulations) will come into effect on 1st January 2012.  One of the most significant changes sees the introduction of the new “Electrical Installation Condition Report” (EICR) which will replace the current Periodic Inspection Report.

What does this mean in practice?

Every electrical installation deteriorates both with use and over time, so it is important that every installation is periodically inspected and tested by a competent person to ensure that the safety of persons using the installation is not put at risk.  The results of the test and inspection are clearly detailed in a report together with a list of “observations” which are items noted during the test that identify any damage, defects, deterioration or dangerous conditions within the installation. read more >

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Trevor Clark Retires From Mitchells Gloucester

After 26 years of dedicated service Trevor Clark has retired from his position as the Service Manager of Mitchell’s in Gloucester.

Trevor left the company on the 27th October and all of his colleagues wish him a long a happy retirement. Trevor has planned his retirement for some time and is going to occupy his time with his hobbies and hopefully, some long and relaxing holidays.

Steve Coleman is the new Service Manager who is ably assisted by the Assistant Service Manager, Chris Dunn, and the Service Controller, Cathy Dey.  This should ensure that our clients enjoy the same level of service that they enjoyed under Trevor’s tenure. read more >

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Energy Efficient Lighting

With the ever increasing rises in energy costs and the increased pressure on organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, now more than ever is there a need to consider energy efficient solutions.

Over the next few months we shall consider many types of energy saving products and how they can be integrated into the business environments.

The first item we shall consider is lighting.  Lighting can consume a significant amount of the electricity used in the running of an organisation, and this can be as much as 50% of the total demand dependant on building type and use. read more >

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Mitchell’s (Gloucester) Limited – Not Just Air Conditioning!

Mitchell’s are largely known across the county for their expert skills and product knowledge when it comes to the installation, service and repair of air conditioning systems, but they do a lot more than just AC.

Mitchell’s was originally started as a company of electricians wiring housing stock in 1905 at the advent of electricity in the home.

As the company evolved it diversified into Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and has always led the field as new technologies and innovations were designed and released. read more >

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Air Conditioning Inspections – A Brief Guide to what it all means

You may have heard of “Air Conditioning System Inspections” and wondered what it is all about and whether it applies to you. This article offers an informative insight to the process and what it is all about when it comes to the inspection of air conditioning for your business premises.

Air conditioning systems can contribute greatly to the energy consumption of a building and have therefore been targeted as a potential way of reducing electricity consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions. read more >

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Mitchells of Gloucester Announce Arrival Of Their New Service Manager

Mitchell’s are pleased to announce the arrival of Steve Coleman as their new Service Manager.

Steve Coleman joined Mitchell’s on August 15th 2011 to work alongside Trevor Clark, the existing Service Manager, until his retirement date of 4th November 2011

After 26 years dedicated service Trevor is joining his wife in retirement, and it was felt a prolonged handover period would be beneficial to the Company and Customers most of which are long standing Customers and have dealt with Trevor for many years. read more >

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Service is Vital

Why do we all service our cars at regular intervals but lose sight of the plant that operates our buildings? Sometimes, overlooking the importance of servicing and keeping your building in sound working order is a massive mistake, with problems costing thousands to fix that could have been prevented.

Electrical and PAT testing is done to comply with legislation yet we often overlook the plant and equipment that keep our businesses functioning. Boilers, Air Conditioning units and ventilation systems which keep premises comfortable are expected to run with little or no thought as to the amount they are used and it is not until they break down or fail that they receive any attention. read more >

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Mitchell’s Employee Runs For Life

Katie Glass who works for Mitchell’s of Gloucester has recently taken part in the 5k Race for Life, helping to raise money in the fight against Cancer.

Mitchell’s are very proud of Katie Glass who many of their customers will have spoken to when you call their offices.

The popular Mitchell’s receptionist / office administrator took part in the 5k Race for Life at Haydock Park in Liverpool in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Katie ‘s Auntie has been successfully treated for cancer recently which made the day extra special as far as the family is concerned and made their specific contribution even more valuable.  Katie managed to raise £115 individually and as a group they amassed a very commendable £827! read more >

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Business Continuity Risks

The continuing rise in the widespread use of emails as a legitimate business communication channel and the use of the internet and computers in general, have led the loss of IT and Communication systems to become one of the main business continuity risks.

How many emails do you send or receive in a day?

Could your staff do their jobs or could your organisation function properly if your computers weren’t working, your emails stopped or worst still the server that holds the information wasn’t available due to failure or network issues. read more >

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